What is the CIVITAS Forum Network?

The CIVITAS Forum Network provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences between all the participating CIVITAS I, CIVITAS II and CIVITAS PLUS demonstration cities, and other cities that are committed to introducing ambitious, clean urban transport strategies.

Cities participating in the CIVITAS Forum Network will benefit from the shared expertise of Europe’s most advanced cities in the field of clean and sustainable urban transport.

Every European city can be a member of the CIVITAS Forum. By signing the CIVITAS Forum Declaration they join an exciting community of over 224 cities that is pioneering clean urban transport in Europe.

The CIVITAS Forum Network is an active community that currently incorporates over 224 cities. It is pioneering clean urban transport in Europe and is committed to the introduction of ambitious urban transport policies. Through workshops and training events, cities have the opportunity to inspire and aid active exchange of know-how, ideas and experience to facilitate change in the field of transport.

Members of the CIVITAS Forum Network can participate in the annual CIVITAS Forum Conference. This conference enables similar-minded colleagues from Europe and beyond to engage in dialogue with other cities and European institutions. Political representatives of CIVITAS Forum cities may also participate in the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC is a group of highly motivated politicians that represent (in a personal capacity) all cities within the CIVITAS Forum Network.

It provides support to the CIVITAS Initiative in the identification of policy priorities and produces statements addressed to policy makers at the European, national and local level, as well as to the industry, transport operators and other stakeholders.


CIVITAS Declaration and the Administrative Annex

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