Political Advisory Comittee

Political Advisory Comittee

The Political Advisory Committee (PAC) is a small group of leading and highly motivated politicians, from within CIVITAS cities that acts as the Initiative’s steering group of the CIVITAS Forum Network. Members participate in a personal capacity. Its main role is to:

  • identify policy priorities, highlighting pros and cons and stressing the policy relevance of the CIVITAS goals and achievements;
  • deliver policy recommendations; and
  • define relevant themes for urban transport policy

The outcome of the work of the PAC takes the form of short, policy-styled notes (the “PAC statements”), which contribute to the strategic direction of the CIVITAS Initiative. The PAC statements are directed toward policy makers at the European, national and local level, as well as to industry, transport operators and other stakeholders.

Politicians of CIVITAS cities may apply to serve as PAC members in their personal capacity and can serve a maximum of three mandates of two years each. Every two years a call for interest is launched and the new PAC is formed. PAC members are ultimately appointed by the EC based on general criteria of representativeness and proven record of the individual candidates. The PAC is supported in its work by its own PAC secretariat.

In May 2011, two ‘PAC Statements’ were completed. One is entitled: “The Future of Research and Demonstration within CIVITAS” while the second contains the PAC view on “The Future of Transport,” within the context of the EC’s 2011 White Paper on Transport to 2020.

In December 2012, a ‘PAC Statement’ was completed in response to the EU’s call for opinions regarding ‘The Future Development of the Urban Dimension of Transport.’ The statement can be downloaded here. The PAC’s response pays considerable attention to the initiatives on integrated urban mobility as put forward in the transport white paper, including sustainable urban mobility plans, access restriction schemes (i.e. urban road user charging) and urban logistics.

The most recent Statement was completed in November 2013 responding to the launch of the Clean Power for Transport  Package. PAC members positively supported the adoption of the mentioned initiative, hoping that it will contribute to solving local, regional, national, European problems in urban mobility field.

As a result of the 2013 call for new PAC members, a new PAC was constituted in September 2013 that will serve until spring 2015. Its members can be seen here.


For any further questions concerning the PAC, please contact its Secretary.