There are many ways to be involved in CIVITAS. Your city can be part of a project and develop a set of activities. Your city can also become a member of the CIVITAS Forum Network and participate in the exchange of experience, or join one of the National Networks.

At individual basis you can join a CIVITAS Thematic Group. You will be connected to other practitioners and city representatives in your field of activity and will be involved in a set of collaborative works like policy analysis, study tours, webinars and workshops. 
Thematic groups reflect the eight basic CIVITAS building blocks of an integrated strategy for sustainable mobility, plus the two horizontal themes integrated planning and public involvement. 
The community is divided in separate groups in order to allow a more focused involvement according to your main area of work and expertise but also to connect peers in each thematic area.

CIVITAS Plus cities are „living laboratories“ for learning and evaluating different measures aimed at improving urban transport. You can visit ongoing projects and see how they operate in reality is an integral part of the CIVITAS programme.

To be up to date regarding the next Forum you can:

  • Regularly check the CIVITAS website, CIVITAS Facebook and Twitter  to get the latest news
  • News and updated information will be soon published in the Forum 2014 relevant page ( soon available)
  • The event dates are already available in the CIVITAS CLENDAR
  • For specific queries, send an email to the CIVITAS secretariat or to forum.contributions@civitas.eu

CIVITAS Awards: Do I have to be a member of CIVITAS to participate?

The CIVITAS Awards are an opportunity to highlight the most ambitious, innovative and successful efforts in the field of sustainable urban mobility. Every year, applications of the CIVITAS Forum member cities are being invited in the following three categories:

  • Technical Innovation;
  • Public Participation; and
  • The CIVITAS City of the Year.

 The CIVITAS Award is open to all cities that have signed the CIVITAS declaration and are a member of the CIVITAS Forum Network. If your city is not a Forum member yet, please complete and sign the CIVITAS Forum Declaration.

What are the national Networks (CIVINETS)?

CIVINET is a group of city networks that promote the CIVITAS approach at a local level, overcoming language and contextual barriers for local authorities and organisations interested in urban sustainable mobility. Members exchange information in their own language working together to engage with the European Union and national governments, about transport policy issues, legislation, regulations, and funding. For more information regarding specific networks please visit the National Networks page here

To join the Forum Network, download the joint document including the CIVITAS Declaration and the Administrative Annex. For more information on how to download these forms and where to send please click here. I would like to be a presenter on the forum. Whom I have to contact?

If you want to participate in the CIVITAS Annual Forum conference as speaker, you should submit an application to the CALL FOR SPEAKER that is generally published during the spring before the CIVITAS forum (e.g: March/April). More information will be available on the Forum website. I would like to receive the latest newsletters published by CIVITAS how can I register?