Exploring mobility solutions

Exploring innovative solutions to the challenges posed by creating a more sustainable urban mobility culture is at the heart of the CIVITAS Initiative. There is no one single recipe for success. In some instances the challenges are technical or logistical, in others extensive citizen engagement is required to really achieve change. Each city is different and has to address the particularities of its own situation. However, there are similarities and it is very likely that at least one of the 58 CIVITAS demonstration cities has experimented with an approach that might suit you.

In this section, you will find extensive information on the individual measures tested by the CIVITAS cities. For an overview of the eight thematic categories under which the measures are grouped, visit the Results and measures page. To access the measure descriptions, simply enter the term you are interested in the search bar above. For a more detailed search, click Advanced.

But it’s not just information on the activities that you can access here. For in-depth reports, results and guidance compiled under real implementation conditions, visit our Resource centre. Use the experiences of the CIVITAS cities to develop your own mobility solutions.