Urban Transport 2014

Urban Transport 2014 – 20th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment The research goal to which the conference contributes is to devise and implement transportation systems that contribute to a sustainable urban environment through minimising the negative environmental impacts whilst improving the socioeconomic and cultural development of the urban environment. The depth and breadth of … Weiterlesen Urban Transport 2014

CIVITAS study tour in Tallinn

A CIVITAS MIMOSA Study Visit in Tallinn to learn about the city’s innovative public transport system. On 22-23 May the city of Tallinn (capital of Estonia, 400,000 inhabitants) hosted a study visit on making public transport more attractive for citizens. CIVITAS VANGUARD was able to co-finance the participation of urban mobility experts up to a limit of €700. … Weiterlesen CIVITAS study tour in Tallinn


REAL CORP 2014 PLAN IT SMARTCLEVER SOLUTIONS FOR SMART CITIES “Smart Cities” has become a widely used term for the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) into the processes of cities and the built environment, aiming to improve the integration of the physical assets as well as social and environmental capital. Fired by several … Weiterlesen REAL CORP 2014

ICN SUMMIT 2014 – Creating Smarter Solutions

ICN SUMMIT 2014 – Creating Smarter Solutions What happens, when the best from the private enterprises, knowledge institutions and local governments meet and create solutions to smart city challenges faced by greening cities all over the world? The ICN Summit 2014 in Copenhagen will find out.  City challenges Cities around the world are facing challenges … Weiterlesen ICN SUMMIT 2014 – Creating Smarter Solutions