City-to-city marketplace

CIVITAS Plus cities are „living laboratories“ for learning and evaluating different measures aimed at improving urban transport. Visiting ongoing projects and seeing how they operate in reality is an integral part of the CIVITAS programme.
In order to initiate and facilitate the organisation of study tours amongst CIVITAS cities, CIVITAS VANGUARD developed a study tour resource pack with guidelines and procedures on how to organise a meaningful, on-site exchange between technicians and decision makers from different cities. The Study Tour Resource Pack also includes a catalogue of offer and demand with city profiles, that allow you to identify potential hosts and visitors. It includes the 18 CIVITAS Plus demonstration cities, as well as municipalities from almost all CIVITAS I and II collaborative projects.
If you are interested in learning from another CIVITAS demonstration city, please have a look at the study tour offer in the first section of the Resource Pack and use the study tour request form to contact them. Cities that want to host a study tour focusing on successful local measures with a high transferability potential are invited to fill in the study tour host template and send it to Yannick Bousse.

Past study tours

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