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Mobility Measure

Raising awareness

Implementing sustainable mobility

The newly formed Mobility Forum will be the actual start of the measure. It is intended that within the umbrella of this Forum, major communication and awareness raising activities will be implemented.

There major awareness campaigns will be implemented. The campaigns will use all the traditional information channels (leaflets, posters etc.), but also mass media and virtual media (social media).

In parallel with these campaigns design, preparation and implementation, various communication and dissemination activities will be organised.

The core of these activities is to create and maintain a good level of information for the people, for the Mobility Forum members and for the local authorities.

Moreover, periodic articles and information will be provided on the progress made in the city in coagulating the sustainable mobility efforts and actors. The information provided will be also tailored for different social categories, to ensure the message covers all people.

Basic Information

January 2017

Thematic Areas