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Mobility Measure

Improving seamless mobility through TEN network nodes

Implementing sustainable mobility

The platforms associated with the monitoring of different types of traffic management are operated by different institutions. Due to the fragmentation of data sources there is a lack of aggregated information on traffic management that influences the decision-making process with regard to strategies, plans and measures implementation.

This measure will evaluate relevant data sources and will develop an aggregation process, analyzing the gaps and the missing information.

The second step will be the development of computational models to estimate pollutant emissions using specialized IT platforms.

In addition, an analysis of the factors influencing traffic flows connecting the TEN-T networks and the city of Constanta will be conducted. Using the validated model, scenarios relevant for the summer season, harvesting periods from agriculture, reference conditions in the winter or other possible extreme weather conditions will be defined. For each reference scenario, the influencing factors and their impact on air quality and urban mobility will be identified.

This detailed information will be analysed by panels of experts and creative alternative solutions will be offered. The quantitative and qualitative impact of the proposed solutions will be estimated and possible actions will be defined.