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Forum Network cities

The CIVITAS Forum Network includes cities that are part of the co-funded programmes known as CIVITAS I, CIVITAS II, CIVITAS PLUS and CIVITAS PLUS II as well as cities that have yet to be involved in CIVITAS but which are similarly committed to introducing ambitious, clean urban transport strategies. The cities that have been involved in one of the four phases of CIVITAS are known as “demonstration” cities. On the map, they are marked in green. These cities are also listed separately in the Demonstration Cities section of the Cities Directory ( 

“Non-demonstration” cities commit themselves to the introduction of an ambitious, sustainable urban transport policy. On the contrary to the “demonstration” cities, their undertakings are fully self-financed. The “non-demonstration” cities are marked in blue on the map.The CIVITAS Forum Network is open to all cities that wish to exchange information about innovative measures and experiences in the field of clean urban transport. Currently, there are over 300 member cities in the CIVITAS Forum Network that have signed the CIVITAS Declaration. Click on the links below to learn more about member cities’ activities.



CIVITAS Declaration and the Administrative Annex