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The ultimate goal of the CIVITAS Initiative is to achieve "Cleaner and Better Transport in Cities”. Since 2002, a growing number of cities are interested to participate in the CIVITAS Initiative as demonstrator, learner or supporter of innovation in urban transport. The current fourth stage of CIVITAS (called CIVITAS Plus ll) will build on the experiences of the previous and on-going stages (CIVITAS l, ll and Plus).

The CIVITAS WIKI project will be the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) for CIVITAS PLUS ll. The CIVITAS WIKI consortium consists of five partners in a mix between previous CIVITAS experience and new ideas from experienced European partners new to CIVITAS.

Around the core consortium, CIVITAS WIKI will work closely together with various supporters and facilitators, among which:

  • an advisory board with experienced partners in previous and on-going CIVITAS projects;
  • previous CIVITAS demonstration cities and current CIVITAS Forum members;
  • supporters for an efficient thematic cooperation.



The mission of CAPITAL is to contribute significantly to the goals of the EU's Urban Mobility Package and Transport White Paper by capitalising systematically on the results of CIVITAS and strengthening the policy dimension of the initiative by identifying more explicitly the specific impacts of its projects and measures to meet high-level goals. CAPITAL supports the mainstreaming process of CIVITAS principles and practice by creating a value chain for transport innovation, based on a strengthened community of CIVITAS stakeholders.

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